Doing, kind of Re-Search.

Well, it sounds great to one who is not onto this field.
And here is one guy, who is onto it.
What made him chose this... well Destiny, i would say, even though i dont really believe in it, but thats the perfect word to set aside that question.

Now, the next question i faced,
"What you research people actually do?"
What am i doing here?
Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Oh yes. I do. chatting, orkutting, downloading...

Lets have a look at an abridged version of conversation between an MNC guy (M) and this, so called researcher(R).

R: hi
how r u?
M: I am good.... whts happenin wid U?
R: doing my MTech ..
2nd year..
in bangalore
M: Hey.....u were in calcutta?
this MTech is like.. one year in kolkata,
next year in bangalore
M: Oh thats good for u..
R: u told 1 day, that u will start somthing of ur own
M: If u wud remember i wud also have told that i wanted to date Ms.XYZ one day????
R: u still hav that thought in ur mind..???
dirty fellow...!!!
M: Who do u think XYZ is and why wud that make me a dirty fellow?

......and some blah blah....

M: many r there in ur class?
R: six.
M: And u call tht a class?
R: no other option...
had to call
considering d no: of students in other streams
its a class
M: Why ......others hav 1 ot two????
Then why dont u call it a tution/?
R: PhD fellows : 3,
int. MSc-PhD - 3,
we hav double their strenght
Int MTech-PhD : 6
M: So where do u hav ur "classes"??? Under a tree??
R: lol
inside faculty's chamber
M: Wow.....that sounds like someting
R: something...????
M: Why is it nothing??
R: thers gr8 difference between a research institute and a college
thats y its like that
M: And what wud u be researching?
R: theres 1-1 correspondence in research institute
M: And why wud u RE search..Why not loose it at the first place...
R: ha ha..
thats a good queston..
frankly i too dnt know, y we r here
M: Then why dont u REsearch that first??
R: we tried..
n v r stuck in a LOOP
re re re re search
whirl pool...
cant come out of that now
M: SO how is this REsearch stuff done....U Google it???
R: mostly ... yes.
and some publications, refernces, come to some new conclusions
and again google it..
M: Like i was looking for some porn of Meg ryan a while back...that was probly already     searched by some one..... so when i do it again....wud that qualify as research...
R: No. but wen u act in it ...
along wit Meg Ryan..
its ur own thing..
now u can call that "a reaserch which got light"
M: So u think i should publish a paper on how Meg ryan got laid???
R: Laid.. in a new sense... that nobody has seen or nobody knew would exist..
that u can publish
M: U mean if i dont act along with Meg Rayn and do it wth Monica instead, wud it not be my "Own Thing"
R: hopefully yes..
it just changed the platform you r working.. thats all
M: idiot.......How dare u change my pltform without asking me.....cudnt u see i was workin?
So why do it in a grp (That too with a female in it) when u can do it alone??

R: well..
thats also possible..
but somebody should authenticate that its your own thing, and its the result of ur own work..
then everything is fine..
M: Why of is my own THING...who the F r u to question it??? or lecture on it for that matter
R: no no
i was just tellin the procedure to b followed..
at the end u hav 2 mention the instruments u used,
the reference u hav taken,
the output you got...
and also
u should giv
M: a) I dont need to be told the Procedure... i am pro in it
b)The instruments we use is our business and u dont hav to know abut it
c) What site we visit and what vid we watch for inspiration is our secret and iam not letting u in on that
d) and Jab i am ready and she is ready why the fuck shud we acknowledge u??
R: yes...
u r absolutly right..
thes are the constraints and difficulties faced by a research student...
and u hav to face it..
thers no other way..
thats y every researcher will b asking...
"y the hell did i join here..??"
hope u will learn frm my mistake, and dont come to this field.
M: Why got to a field...why not go to a park?
R: park is alredy built..
field is blank...
anything can b built over there
M: Npe.....there is grass in there....and dont u remember u had shit in there when it was urgent???
R: correct.
frm such areas only a PARK came into existence..
and its our duty, (a duty, mistakenly taken by us only..!!!) to clear those shits and build a new one.
M: SO will u pls help me clean up the field by getting the hell out of there....
u see i am trying to get all the shit out of there...
R: if you take help from somebody, you will hav to get his name also into the papper
u r supposed to give.
M: Poor u.....
R: and one more thing..
if u start cleaning the field frm one end, by the time u complete the whole field...
u will find the starting area again dirty,,..
and that too might hav dirtied by ur own guide.
M: God r u frustrated......get a shrink......
R: its nothing
dnt draag even ur enemies also in this area

M: K.................
R: hope u understood something about this research

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